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The Language Of Desire Review – How This Program Works?


Welcome to my Language Of Desire review. This is a relationship program designed to help women to spice up the connection with their man to a whole new level of intimacy. This program comes with 10 modules, each module focus on a different section of flirtation techniques and the secret of dirty words. If you want to make your man absolutely crazy about you, I believe that this is a great guide.

Why You Should Talk Dirty To Your Partner

Talk dirty to me. Is this something that you’ve probably been asked to do in your relationship? And maybe you’re tongue-tied trying to come up with a response. Or you just changed the subject and hoped that your partner will not bring this up again.

No matter how you personally feel about talking dirty, you can’t deny that guys love dirty talk. It’s a natural characteristic for them. But have you ever wondered why dirty talk so arousing to them?

1- He’s the chosen one

He knows that he is the only one who gets to see this naughty side of you, it’s something that he’s been waiting for! Especially if you’re a ladylike public persona, but behind a closed door, you let him see the different side of you, the contradiction gives him a huge charge of excitement.

2- He feels like a rock star

The fact is, men’s brains are hard-wired to please women sexually. He always has a thought whether he’s done his job right or not, in order to make you satisfied. So dirty talk cuts right through all the gray and speaks to him clearly.

3- He loves your confidence

Self-confidence is attractive. Don’t let a few scars or stretch marks on your body make you lose all your confidence! You’re more than that! Men are not attracted to women who are afraid to express themselves sexually. You should confidently use dirty talk to get what you want in bed, and men love that.

4- Dirty talk equal enthusiasm

Dirty talk is a huge turn-on for men, any men. It shows that you’re 100% present and enjoying the moment with him. Meanwhile, a quiet partner can be misunderstood as bored and destroy the sexy mood.

So basically, dirty talk can be so arousing to your man. Let me give you an example that you can try it straight away. Take your phone and send a sexy text to your partner like this “You didn’t know how bad I want you right now” with emotion. And see what his response, if you don’t mind share his response in the comment section below.

You’ll not believe how excited your partner when he received a text like that. And that is just one phrase, imagine if you’ve learned 200 more phrases like that, what happens? Maybe you can be a female sex goddess XD

Okay enough laughing, actually all of this phrase can learn in the Language of Desire program.

So, What Is The Language Of Desire?

The language of desire (LOD) created by Felicity Keith, is a program that focuses on ways to overcome your shyness, lack of confidence that you may feel about talking dirty. It gives you over 200+ dirty phrases that totally been done and tested for you.

This program is well written with a step-by-step guide on how to talk dirty to your partner and get comfortable saying naughty things.

Inside of this program, you’ll receive 10 modules along with the worksheets and plan. This program teaches women how to deal with common relationship problems with the power of words and phrases. It’s full of tips and tricks on male psychology, plus how to talk with your partner intimately and make him sexually obsessed with you.

It is not just dirty talk and sex

The language of desire is not just about dirty talk and sex. Well, it’s true that when you’re first to read it, it seems like it all about teaching you how to talk dirty. But, as it goes on, you’ll learn more than what you just expected.

The program focuses on revealing the secret to a sensual relationship, it’s guiding you on how to make your man feels like he’s the king of the world, unlocking his secret fantasies and secret techniques of massaging his mental G-spot.

Honestly, this program is filled with a ton of information, you can utilize all the information here to relate with your actual relationship. The great things are, you don’t need any special skill to master all these techniques.

Here are 10 modules of the Language of Desire as per shown below:

  • The introduction
  • Become the sexual superwomen
  • Loving man’s best friend
  • Brain chemistry and sex
  • Create an erotic action movie
  • Desire intensifiers
  • For the single ladies
  • Getting your fantasies met
  • When ‘sex’ isn’t possible
  • Master class

All the modules come with different sections. And the good part about the program is, at the end of every module, you’ll find a worksheet that can help you to master what you’ve learned.

Who Is This Program For?

Let’s be honest here, have you ever felt undesirable? Or did you have a problem sustaining a relationship? As a woman, it really feels awful when your boyfriend or husband stops pursuing you sexually. Trust me, it’s not a good feeling, and sad to say, most of the women have been there at some point in their lives.

If you remember your early stage in a relationship, your partner usually couldn’t keep his hand off from you. But now things start to changes, he’s no longer crave to you the way he once did. Consequentially, women start to feel insecure, unloved and feeling unattractive.

And this is quite frustrating, especially for women with a high sex drive. She will feel unsatisfied! She thinks men are always wanting for sex, but now it looks like its just a myth. Actually, men often want something that they can’t have, the challenge excites them. That’s why at the beginning of the relationship he always chasing you badly.

The honeymoon stage is over

But then, when you’re committed to the relationship, and he can have you whenever he wanted, things slowly start to change. His excitement going down and his libido start to return to a normal state.

This is when the Language of Desire can be very useful. This program has a key to excite him again, with a little bit of flirtation, mystery, and excitement. Basically, your partner craves for women who are sexually confident and can tease him around.

In order to become that ‘women’, you need to learn from this program. The language of Desire contains a lot of valuable information to seduce your man all over again. As an example, The Tease Intensifier, which will teach you verbal ways to drive him wild.

Or Pavlov’s Erection Techniques, where you can condition your man to be wildly turned on whenever you speak a seemingly innocent phrase. This is just a few from many techniques that can be learned from this helpful program.

How this program can help you?

First of all, this is a digital product. You can easily access the program from your computer, tablet, and smartphone. It’s come with the MP3 audio file, so you can listen to this program wherever you like.

When you purchased the product, you’ll get access to their restricted member’s area. This member’s area is very well organized. You can get all the information about how to unlocking the secret to your man’s sexual psyche here.

From here, you can jump to any information that you feel related to your relationship situation, but it is advised to follow the module sequences.

This program pack with important information about sex and brain chemistry, why men enjoy pornography, and what you can do to become the main subject to your man’s desires and affection. The language of desire is not just about sex, it also touches on components of a healthy relationship, men psychology, and what they need to feel desirable and wanted.

Here is the list of techniques that you can learn from the program:

  • The Pavlov’s Erection Technique: Learn how to use a simple phrase that can bring him attention every time you whisper into his ear.
  • Erotic Telepathy: Learn how to get into your man’s mind, past his defense, and discover his most passionate fantasies.
  • Tease Intensifier: Learn a subtle way to slowly spice up your relationship until he just can’t take it anymore.
  • Oral Intensifier: Learn the next thing that you can do with your mouth after the verbal intensifier. It can drive him nuts.
  • Lust Mirror: Learn how to create a “feedback loop” of desire between you and your man. Basically, the process is the more turned on you are, the more turned on he gets. This is the best among the best.
  • Verbal Viagra: Learn the simple method that can give a sudden shot of adrenaline to your man libido.
  • The Madonna Moan: This technique received great successful feedback. By using a simple exercise, you’ll learn how to totally relax sexually, and open yourself to a new level of pleasure.

Along with all the modules, you’ll also receive 3 pieces of bonus content. Which is completely free! These bonuses are:

Bonus #1: Good girl’s guide to texting naughty:

What type of women are you? Are you a shy type of woman? Or the one who’s always taking care of your appearance and attitude? If you have a problem staring at your phone and wondering what text to your man, well this is definitely for you.

With this bonus, you’ll get a 200+ ready to use text message that you can instantly use to fire up your man. Felicity also shares a complete step-by-step method on how to make your man keep missing you.

Bonus #2: Silent seduction:

It’s about learning how to use your body language to capture your man’s attention, emotionally and sexually. In an intimate relationship, verbal and non-verbal language are very important, one can’t work with the other.

Bonus #3: Unstoppable confidence:

Over 90 minutes of deep conversation between Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold teaching you on how to build strong confidence with men. It also contains some secrets about using your feminine body language to wrap any man you want between your finger.

Click here for official website – Language of Desire

Pros and Cons of the Language of Desire

Let’s go with the Pros and Cons of this product.

The Pros

Easy to follow

This is the first reason why you should buy this product. You can easily follow and understand the content to help you practice them. The author, Felicity Keith also narrates her story in this guide book to give it a personal touch.

Complete Audio Version

If you don’t like reading, this program already offers you another solution. It provides a complete audio version of this program without any extra cost. You can learn all the modules from this program wherever you want and whenever you need it.

Spice up your sexual life

This is the main reason why you should get this product. Learn how to be sassy and sultry to get your man crazy about you. Stop thinking that you should be a “good girl”, at least not in front of your man. You should just go wild! This guide can help you rid the mindset that promotes sexual insecurity and gets you sexual confidence.

60 days money-back guarantee

You have nothing to lose here. This program backed by a 60-days money-back guarantee. If this program doesn’t work for you after you finish all the modules. Email them to ask for a full refund. No question asked!

The Cons

Not for timid women

Some of the methods suggested by this program may not suitable for you. Basically, this program simply not suitable for shy women. But if you’re a shy woman and willing to overcome the shyness, then you could try this program. Because as a shy woman, it is better to seeking help online.

Not comfortable with dirty talk

Some of you may find that dirty talk is not your thing. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. Not every woman is suited to do this, and it is okay.

Overall Conclusion

Make sure you’re mentally and emotionally prepare before you follow this program. Because you’ll become a dangerous woman. You’re going to release some crazy awesome power from your own self and drive your man wild.

But in order to do that, you need to step out of your comfort zone. It may feel silly, but don’t give up before you try. Remember, the same method will not produce a different result. So if you want a different result, you need to be ready to try new things.

With all the knowledge that you get from this guide, you can easily mold, change, and alter any aspect of the relationship that you currently have. You’ll realize how much power that women can wield when it’s correctly approached.

Overall, I highly recommend this program. It’s worth your time and your money. You’re free to try this product because it’s come with a 60-days money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Follow this link for instant access to the program. Good luck!

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